Boho inspirational wedding shoot

Our idea was to put together as many unique Slovenian creations as possible and show others how a wedding day can look like and at the same time have fun. Much fun! ;)
Rain caught us (like 3 or 4 times), but we have just enjoyed in this nice small unique village in Kras, Pliskovica.

Actually, what I would like to point out in this blog post is, that together we are able to create something special, something creative, outstanding! 

There are so many nice people in the world and so many people prepared to help, participate, just you need to communicate, need to investigate. And I am truly grateful, I have met so many special artists and made a actually a new friendship!  

There was so much fun organising this event and I can say I would love to organise another one, this year, with the same team. And I am sure we will :)
Tjaša & Sandra, thank YOU so much and special thank you to all of you who were part of our story <3

Photo & details styling: me
MUA & hair styling: Sandra Mezeg Makeup Artist
Event planning & decoration & flowers:
Location: Youth Hostel Pliskovica
Bride's dress: Mojca Celin I Princip & Zoofa
Wooden bow tie: Martin'O
Boho wedding macrame: štrikula
Stationery: Kala albums
Beverage: ginbrin