Kanin & Iza.

// Gozdec (1075m) - Dom Petra Skalarja na Kaninu (2260m)

I am so happy we could spend night in the mountains, that I cannot tell you how :) Hiking plan was about 3 hours and half, but we needed like 5 hours. I was too weak and needed to eat a lot of chocolate every 30 minutes, so you can imagine why 5 hours.
Sonja & her son Bit were so fit and talking all the time, while I was most of the time quiet & in my own world. Not to mention Iza (dog), she was all over the place.
We arrived at the peak around 4pm and had enough time to make pasta (yes, Sonja had all equipments with her) and the most important, time to meditate. Just us and mountains and some birds around.

Tiny cabin, which is perfectly designed by OFIS architectures, was absolutely AMAZING. The view, design, accommodation and everything else was really just perfect.
Definitely a hiking tour to do. More info about this tour you can find here.