My international friends

I decided to wrote this blog post & tell few words about each of my friends, living abroad, with whom I have spent some time during their stay here in Slovenia.
Photos were made last September/October, when we have met.  Nora has visited Ljubljana, while Maja was here during summer and left to Australia to live there. Bojan was for the first time with his family visiting home & Ted had a concert in Ljubljana.
In such a short period, so many lovely people have surrounded me, I am happy to have them!


Smile in her face. Love in the heart. Positive energy around. I met her in Amsterdam, when I was working there as an au pair. Nora is originally from Morocco, but living in Amsterdam. Nora you are an amazing person, keep that positive energy!

With Maja we spent like all days & nights together when living in Amsterdam, I think already 5 years ago. We made a very special connection and even if Maja is travelling all around the world for the past 4 years now and has just moved to Australia (YES, I am very jealous!), I know we will be in touch and keep our friendship. Miss you!

My ex workmate. We worked just 6 months together and it seems that was enough we are still in touch now.
He is from Dolenjska area, but now living with girlfriend and his very little son in Stockholm.
I cant wait to visit you all!

Fun fact. I met him in TARA, English pub in Amsterdam, for St' Patricks concert. ;)
He is a professional singer and guitarist from Sterling, Scotland. We kept in touch & last October he had a concert in Ljubljana, where we have met again and had much fun together. Ted, you rock!